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Calon Lan Society

The Calon Lan Society is a group dedicated to the sharing and preserving of the history of the famous welsh song "Calon Lan' and it's author, Daniel James Gwyrosydd. 

I created a logo for them that would reflect the lyrics in the song and the beauty of the music as well. 

With a clear website they can now share what it is they do and draw people in to attend their regular events to learn more about this historic song.

Geraint Williams MBE - Chairman of the Calon Lan Society

The success of our events and fundraising efforts is dependent on our visibility and interest generated by our posters and banners. Jess redesigned and personalised our logo and has been commissioned to create all of our posters and banners ever since.

The success of our events can largely be attributed to the eye catching and clear advertising produced by Jess

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